The Effect of Trauma Counseling Support and Social Protection On Enhancing Social Economic Resilience In Vulnerable Communities. A Natural Experiment in Northern Uganda

Authors: M. van Reisen, M. Stokmans, B. Vallejo, P. Nakazibwe & Z. M. Baluka.

Year: 2022



The existing literature on social protection does not sufficiently address the role of traumatic experiences in vulnerability and resilience. A failure to address trauma in highly traumatized and vulnerable populations could suppress the potential effect of social protection programs. This study used a natural experiment (N= 464) to explore the effectiveness of trauma counseling and cash/in-kind transfers on enhancing social economic resilience in vulnerable communities in Northern Uganda. The results suggest that the effect of trauma counseling is more relevant than cash/in-kind transfers in enhancing social economic resilience. This research adds to the existing literature by providing insights into underlying vulnerabilities, such as trauma, as essential elements to be considered in designing and implementing social protection programs in vulnerable communities.

Keywords: social protection, safety nets, social economic resilience, trauma, Africa, Uganda
JEL: O10, I15, R1, D69, O550

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