Experts on Europe External Policies

Our work is motivated by the goal of  promoting a socially responsible European Union, both internally and externally, based on the values of solidarity and equality and with a strong focus on global poverty eradication.

EU External Policies

Aimed at regions and countries outside of the EU overseen by European Institutions and EU member states

Migration policies

We use multi-perspective approach to address migration with regards to livelihood, and social protection

Development policies and funds

Sustainable development and stability in developing countries, with the ultimate goal of eradicating poverty

About RAEE

Research Advisors & Experts Europe (RAEE) was founded in 2003. It was created to ensure that justice, equality and accountability are always key cornerstones in the pursuit of international relations.


Emphasis is given to Europe’s role towards the rest of the world recognizing the core principles enshrined in the EU’s Treaties to promote democratic governance and accountability, adhere to the rule of law including human rights obligations, and enable societies and their people to live in dignity free from discrimination of any kind.