1. POLICY BRIEF – Tortured and Sold Eritrean Refugees in Libya (January 2020).
  2. POLICY BRIEF – National service in Eritrea as forced labour (January 2020).
  3. POLICY BRIEF – INGOs and Human Rights Abuses in Eritrea (November 2019).
  4. POLICY BRIEF – The Long Arm of the Eritrean Government (January 2020).
  5. Mobile Africa: Human Trafficking and the Digital Divide – Key Message (October 2019).
  6. Roaming Africa: Migration, Resilience and Social Protection – Key Message (October 2019).
  7. Enhancing Effectiveness of Social Protection by Psycho-Social Support in Uganda and Ethiopia (October 2018).
  8. Relevance of Communication in the Fight Against Human Trafficking (March 2018).
  9. Reprogramming the Mix of Interventions to Support Refugees in Host Communities (March 2018).
  10. Digital Realities in Human Trafficking: Bringing Safety to Refugee Camps (March 2018).
  11. Trauma and Livelihood Opportunities: Reprogramming Support in Refugee Camps (March 2018).