Authors: Prof Dr. Mirjam van Reisen, Dr. Mia Stokmans, Selam Kidane, Rick Schoenmaeckers (edited by Rick Schoenmaeckers)

Year: March, 2018

Pages: 6


This study investigates the needs for Eritrean refugees who reside in Ethiopian refugee camps. The camps researched are Hitsats and Shemelba in North-Ethiopia. The focus is on refugees who suffer trauma and post-traumatic stress (PTS). A Self-Help Low-Cost Post-Traumatic Stress programme
(SHLCPTS) is developed for these refugees and is tested on 100 camp residents. The results showed a significant positive effect on social economic resilience.

This study also looks into livelihoods of the refugees and opportunities for income generation. Strengths and weaknesses are emphasized and relate to willingness of organizations and governments and difficulties with establish sustainable and efficient programmes.

Trauma and Livelihood Opportunities: Reprogramming Support in Refugee Camps