Author: Mirjam van Reisen with the assistance of Maxi Ussar

Project Coordination: Camilo Tovar (EEPA) Karina Batthyány (Social Watch)

Research – Barbara Ann Delcourt, Ben Moore, Camilo Tovar, Karina Batthyány, Maxi Ussar

Year: February, 2005

Language: English

Published By: Eurostep & Social Watch

To the Farthest Frontiers Women Empowerment in an Expanding Europe


This study focuses on the question of how Europe is overcoming its former division. Since 1989, Europe has changed beyond all expectations. But while Europe is transcending its former separation, new borders are being put in place. We now use terms such as ‘old Europe’ and ‘new Europe’ or ‘those inside the European Union’ and those ‘outside’, and we have created ‘new neighbours’. One might argue that a new process of inclusion and exclusion has begun, with former partners now divided by the border of the EU.