Author: Mirjam van Reisen

Year: 1999

Language: English

Publisher: Terre des Hommes, Eurostep, WEED, Transnational Institute, International Books (Utrecht)

ISBN: 90-5727-035-8
Pages: 224


The objective of this book is to explore how a more effective European North South policy can be achieved. In the first chapters the effectiveness of the EU co-operation programme will be assessed in terms of the EC’s capacity to implement its stated objectives.


In this part we will examine the European Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) as important non-state actors in development. In the second part of the book, we will look at the coherence between EU aid and other policies, notably in the area of trade and finance. It is argued that aid cannot be effective without a macro-economic and political environment that is conducive to poverty eradication.


The EU, as a global player, can be of immense importance in ensuring that macro-economic and political conditions are improved to enable the eradication of poverty.